Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Case sensitive Google Search

This application will google basic terms, scan through the results and filter out results of different case than the search terms.
Support for phrase search (quotes) has been recently added and other advanced search options like negative terms, etc. are available as well by using the second input box to provide filter terms without the advanced options.

The initial intention was to create an application which would run a query for a longer period and the client would poll for new results in every few seconds. As the app engine can not spwan sub process the client has to wait until the query is finished and won't get any results until that. The user can set the maximum number of results that will be returned and the maximum number of Google results that will be scanned through.

Thanx for your comments in advance.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hungarian hyphenation by Henri

Hungarian hyphenation pattern file for Liang's algorithm has long been being prepared by Henri.
It's only 26K! You can check it here and leave a comment below or there. Thanx.
Here's Henri's pattern file.
The javascript is based on the hyphenator project.